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1) Advantages
2) Novelty
3) Rationale
4) Intellectual property
5) Unique molecules
6) Hit-rate
7) Diversity
8) Resupply
9) Unextracted herbs
10) Extraction
11) Ethnic data
12) Screening
13) Shelf-life
14) Kit sizes
15) Separation
16) Human studies
17) Pre-fractionation
18) 'Frequent hitters'


Natural product libraries for drug discovery


Frequently asked questions

15) I have found a ‘hit’ - how do I take this forward to identify the responsible compound?

If you are new to the separation and identification of active compounds from plant extracts, please click here to view our resources page which includes sample methods and links to online resources which may assist your progression from hit discovery to the structural identification of lead compounds.

We will be also happy to help you with activity guided separation and compound identification if required (please see our services page for more information).

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Natural product libraries for drug discovery


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