Caithness Biotechnologies Harnessing Nature for drug discovery


1) Advantages
2) Novelty
3) Rationale
4) Intellectual property
5) Unique molecules
6) Hit-rate
7) Diversity
8) Resupply
9) Unextracted herbs
10) Extraction
11) Ethnic data
12) Screening
13) Shelf-life
14) Kit sizes
15) Separation
16) Human studies
17) Pre-fractionation
18) 'Frequent hitters'


Frequently asked questions

14) Which size kit should I buy?

The Maxi-kit (250 μl per well) is ideal for routine use and for those keen to seek leads for multiple targets or to proceed with preliminary activity-guided separation studies shortly after hit discovery.

The Mini-kit (50 μl per well) is the ideal introductory resource for those seeking to begin drug screening programmes or develop assays for screening.

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