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1) Advantages
2) Novelty
3) Rationale
4) Intellectual property
5) Unique molecules
6) Hit-rate
7) Diversity
8) Resupply
9) Unextracted herbs
10) Extraction
11) Ethnic data
12) Screening
13) Shelf-life
14) Kit sizes
15) Separation
16) Human studies
17) Pre-fractionation
18) 'Frequent hitters'


Natural product libraries for drug discovery


Frequently asked questions

1) What are the advantages and disadvantages of plant extract libraries compared to synthetic molecule libraries?

2) Won’t I just discover known compounds? Will I be able to generate IP?

3) What is the rationale for the choice of species comprising the library?

4) Will I be able to keep intellectual property (IP) I develop through use of the library?

5) How many unique molecules are contained in each extract of the library?

6) What ‘hit-rate’ can I expect from the library?

7) What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Phytotire plant extract library relative to larger plant extract libraries?

8) How rapidly can you resupply herbs or extracts for follow-on studies?

9) Can you supply unextracted plant material?

10) Can you tell me exactly how the extracts are prepared so I can take hits forward myself?

11) Where can I find information on the ethnopharmacological use of the products of interest?

12) Will I need a robot to screen the Phytotitre library?

13) What is the shelf life of the library?

14) Which size kit should I buy?

15) Can you offer help or advice on how to identify active compounds in ‘hit’ extracts?

16) Are the extracts provided in the library suitable for use in human or animal studies?

17) To what extent has the Phytotitre library been pre-fractionated?

18) Have you removed molecules which can be problematic for some screening approaches?


Natural product libraries for drug discovery


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