Caithness Biotechnologies Harnessing Nature for drug discovery


1) Advantages
2) Novelty
3) Rationale
4) Intellectual property
5) Unique molecules
6) Hit-rate
7) Diversity
8) Resupply
9) Unextracted herbs
10) Extraction
11) Ethnic data
12) Screening
13) Shelf-life
14) Kit sizes
15) Separation
16) Human studies
17) Pre-fractionation
18) 'Frequent hitters'


Frequently asked questions

09) How rapidly can you resupply herbs or extracts for follow-on studies?

We hold substantive stocks of freeze dried extracts and can generally provide gramme quantities of such by return.

Because none of the plants in the library are rare or endangered, and all are commercially available, there are no issues with recollection, sustainability, Nagoya protocol conventions or sovereignty of genetic resources.

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