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Natural product libraries for drug discovery


Ordering information

We are happy to ship direct to customers globally, and can bill in Euros, US dollars or GBP.

To place orders, please email the following information to:

Please include:

  • Delivery address

  • Invoice address

  • Purchase order number

  • Product code

  • Number of each item requested

  • Your VAT registration number if you are claiming exemption from VAT (this can apply when the products are intended to support research within UK academic institutions that is funded by a medical charity or similar)

Pricing information

Pricing for the Phytotitre plant extract library for drug discovery (800 extracts from 400 traditional herbs or medicines), is as follows:

  • Maxi size, 250 µl per well (product code 800EL) - £2,500

  • Mini size, 50 µl per well (product code 800ES) - £980

Pricing for individual extracts for activity guided separation and other investigations is as follows:

  • Extract resupply, 100 µl of 10 mg/ml in DMSO - £30

  • Unextracted herb (dried) each, £30 per 25 g, £60 per 100 g

  • Freeze-dried aqueous extract, 10 mg - £80

  • Freeze-dried aqueous extract, 100 mg - £200

  • Freeze-dried aqueous extract, 1,000 mg - £500

Individual extracts can be purchased independently of the library if preferred. Please contact us for further information or to discuss your requirements.

Prices shown are not inclusive of VAT.

Packaging and delivery costs

Free within the UK. Please contact us for a quotation for overseas deliveries.

Terms and conditions are available here.

We would be happy to hear from prospective distributors for our products.

Natural product libraries for drug discovery

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