Caithness Biotechnologies Harnessing Nature for drug discovery


Phytotitre resources

List of plant species

Potential for novelty

Why natural products?

Drug discovery is evolving

Phytotitre refinements

Compound identification methods and support

Free data



Methods for activity guided separation and compound identification

Beginner's guide to natural product separation and identification

If you are new to natural product research and would like some basic tips and protocols to begin separation of your hit extracts and identify activte compounds, please click here for some basic methods and resources.

Silica gel chromatography

Silica gel chromatography is a simple and inexpensive first step in the separation of biologically active compounds from natural products. Please click here to view a simple silica gel chromatography method.

Useful web-links to third-party resources

There are many online resources for those seeking to identify bioactive phytochemicals. Please click here to view a list of potentially useful web-links and other resources.



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