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Natural product libraries for drug discovery


Links to useful online resources

Online natural product databases

OMICtools offers a useful list of links to natural product databases.

The Dictionary of Natural Products Online includes information on all compounds contained in the Dictionary of Natural Products.

Chem-TCM is a digital database of individual phytochemicals of plants used in the traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

Super Natural II is a natural product database with information on 325,508 compounds.

The Metlin database for metabolite identification offers a very simple m/z based search option.

Universal Natural Product Database collates information on 197,201 3D structures.


Instructional videos

This online video, presented by Drs Jim Wells and Michelle Arkin of UCSF, introduces the major concepts of library screening, including coverage of the ‘Z-prime’ calculation.


Example study of plant extract screening, with natural product separation and identification

This article provides a good example of the steps involved in compound separation by HPLC, and subsequent structural identification: Shibata T. et al J Biol Chem 289:32757-72 (2014)


Natural product libraries for drug discovery

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