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The Phytotitre library

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Natural product libraries for drug discovery


Format of the Phytotitre library

The Phytotitre plant extract library is provided in the following format:

  • 800 plant extracts are supplied in round-bottom polypropylene, SBS compliant (robot compatible) 96-well microplates (a list of species included in the library is provided here)

  • One polar (aqueous) and one non-polar (dichloromethane) solvent extract of 400 different plant products is provided (304 unique genera / 367 unique species / 33 of the extracts are made from different parts of the same plant)

  • Aqueous extracts are provided at 10 mg/ml in DMSO

  • The concentration of organic extracts is defined as di-chloromethane soluble materials from 250 mg dried plant product per 1 ml DMSO (approximates to ~10 mg/ml on average)

  • Each plate contains 80 extracts with two empty columns for positive and negative controls

  • Human readable plate number and bar code (code 128) labels are printed on all plates (one side only on Mini kit plates, all four sides for Maxi kit plates to ensure compatibility with robots)

  • Plate layout with information on plant genus, species, part of plant used and method of extraction is provided in both Excel and PDF file formats

  • A file collating information with respect to ethnopharmacological use of each plant included in the library, together with brief notes and references to the scientific literature explaining the rationale for inclusion of each plant in the library, is also provided with all kits (click here to view a sample page)

  • Plates are sealed with DMSO-resistant re-sealable cap mats to maximise sample integrity and ease of use

  • Cap mats for mini-kits have pierceable cross centres for use in automated samplers

  • The Phytotitre kit contains 50 µl of each extract per well

Natural product libraries for drug discovery


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