Caithness Biotechnologies: Nature inspired libraries for drug discovery  Harnessing Nature for drug discovery
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Caithness Biotechnologies: Nature inspired libraries for drug discovery 

Leveraging Evolution for Medicine

Plants have faced millennia of intense selective pressure to develop secondary metabolites targeting specific cellular signalling pathways to modify the behaviour of pathogens and herbivores.

These pathways are highly conserved, and many of those with therapeutic or industrial potential have an existing inhibitor in the natural world.

Caithness Biotechnologies is here to help you discover these lead compounds.



Data from basic screens of the Phytotitre library are provided for research and information purposes, free to download from this page.

Free data from screen of natural product library


Natural product news

A screen of our Puretitre library reveals new hits to combat antibiotic resistance
Recent work shows that several pure phytochemicals sensitise a resistant E. coli to multiple antibiotics. Read more....

A screen of our Phytotitre library reveals new hits for Alzheimer’s disease
Recently published work shows that sterubin, isolated from Yerba santa, is four times more effective at neuroprotection than the previous best in class compound. Read more....

Discovery of new class of antibiotic through innovative natural product library screen
A novel approach to natural product screening has led to the discovery of an entirely new type of antibiotic.
Read more....

No decrease in rate of discovery of new natural product scaffolds between 1990 and 2015
A study published in PNAS reveals that the rate of discovery of novel scaffolds from natural sources has remained largely unabated for at least the last 30 years.
Read more....

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