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The Puretitre library

The Phytotitre library


Natural product libraries for drug discovery


The Puretitre natural compound library

The Puretitre natural compound library is a collection of 200 pure natural compounds at 10 mM in DMSO. 100 μl of each solution is provided in 96-well microplate format.

Puretitre natural compound library

The Puretitre natural product library

Key features of the Puretitre natural compound library

  • Unique focus on compounds found in natural products used as traditional medicines, or as the basis of modern drugs, maximises potential for ‘hit’ finding

  • Focus on high bioactivity with relatively low toxicity, maximises potential for translation

  • You keep all the IP you generate, no licensing or MTAs required

  • By focussing on maximal hit rate, Puretitre balances excellent molecular diversity with class-leading value for money

  •  All compounds in the library are readily available commercially, so scaling up rapidly to larger studies is easily acheved

  • Bar codes (code 128) and human readable plate numbers are printed on one long and one short side of all plates

  • DMSO-resistant re-sealable cap mats maximise sample integrity and ease of use

  • Published use in successful screening programmes (see news)

  • An SDF file is available for this library

The library is made available to researchers in academia and industry for research purposes only.

Puretitre natural compound library flyer

Please click here to download the Puretitre flyer.

Puretitre natural compound list

Please click here to view a list of the compounds included in the Puretitre library.

Please click here for pricing and ordering information.

An SDF file is available for this library, please contact us for more information.

SDF file of the Puretitre library is available



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